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The Scandinavian brand for premium CBD. Welcome to Pjoki, Mantle.

Mantle is a Swedish wellness universe for both health and skin powered by CBD. Mantle's CBD skincarerange includes the multi-balm The Calm Balm, the overnight mask The Dream Mask, the face cream The Chill Cream and the oil-based serum The Glow Serum. All products have been incredibly well-receivedamong both customers, profiles and beauty experts. The Mantle range also features a CBD oil - The Original Oil - which you can drop under your tongue or add to drinks for a balancing effect on body andmind. The products are made in Sweden with the finest organic Swiss CBD.

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Snow Moon in Leo - February 9th

Every month a Full Moon occurs and it's energy is affecting nature on Earth in many different ways. She's a symbolic of the feminine and receives the light of the sun, shining it back to us with illumination. She is representing the end of the lunar cycle or the symbolic of death and eventual rebirth into the next cycle. It's a perfect time to reflect over the past weeks and to letting go of negative energy and things that are not working our way and to make room for what we wish to see more of in the future.

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Hello Lisa, founder of ORES !

With high sustainable ambitions and important goals to acheive, we are happy to welcome ORES to our little Pjoki family. By only using organic, eco-friendly materials and by mindfully choosing suppliers who have minimized treatments and chemicals in their manufacturing process ORES is a perfect match to our curated collection of hero designers. Pjoki got the chance to sit down with ORES founder Lisa Thörnqvist to ask her some questions...

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Black Friday and all other days that encourage us to buy more than we need.

I over heard two women in their 40's on the train today, discussing Black Friday. One of the women reminded the other one about Black Friday, who responded that she felt very stressed out about it. - I feel like I have to go and buy things today but I really don't need anything.So, we're living on a planet that is dying. The air is contaminated, the water is contaminated, we see neurologic diseases (and other diseases) increase every year and all this has to do with consumption. The prices we see today are not realistic. They are not sustainable and almost all productions are being rushed to keep up with today's consumption behavior. And how do companies rush their...

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