The Scandinavian brand for premium CBD. Welcome to Pjoki, Mantle.

Mantle is a Swedish wellness universe for both health and skin powered by CBD. Mantle's CBD skincarerange includes the multi-balm The Calm Balm, the overnight mask The Dream Mask, the face cream The Chill Cream and the oil-based serum The Glow Serum. All products have been incredibly well-received among both customers, profiles and beauty experts. The Mantle range also features a CBD oil - The Original Oil - which you can drop under your tongue or add to drinks for a balancing effect on body andmind. The products are made in Sweden with the finest organic Swiss CBD.


After several successful, although hectic, startup journeys, Swedish entrepreneurs Josefin Landgård and Stina Lönnkvist were looking for increased balance in the bustle of everyday life. Stress, demands and imbalances had affected both health and skin, and they began to look for simple but effective solutions that could be seamlessly integrated into their active lifestyles. When they found the cannabis derived multi-ingredient CBD, it was a game-changer. However, they could not find the quality they wanted - or a brand they could trust. The idea of creating the best CBD products in Europe was born, and in February 2020, they launched Mantle - a modern wellness brand powered by CBD.

So, what is CBD and why do we love it?

The ABC of CBD

The superhero ingredient CBD (cannabidiol) is a natural component in the green leaves of the cannabis (hemp) plant. CBD has no psychoactive properties and will therefore not make you high (that part is taken care of by the substance THC, of which there is zero traces in Mantle's products). However, Mantle can promise that your skin will be in seventh heaven. CBD is an exclusive skincare ingredient that boosts collagen production, calms stressed-out skin, and pampers your skin with nutrition, moisture and antioxidants that protect against daily stressors and restores youthful elasticity and bounce. For a 360 effect, add a few drops of CBD oil under your tongue to balance your whole system. Mantle's broad spectrum CBD might actually bet he best on the market. It comes from plants grown in natural sunlight in the Swiss alps. The finest leaves are picked by hand and gently cold-extracted - all according to Bio Suisse, Europe's highest organic standard.

Product information

Mantle's CBD is accompanied with powerful active and botanical ingredients. The CBD oil is combined with organic MCT oil (from coconut), and the skincare with hero ingredients such as niacinamide, bakuchiol,sea buckthorn extract, hyaluronic acids, liquorice root extract and ceramides. All Mantle's products are vegan, clean and made in Sweden with Swiss CBD. All packaging is recyclable and the main ingredients (such as CBD, hemp seed oil, MCT oil and sea buckthorn extract) are organic.

CBD (without THC) is legal to sell, buy and use throughout the EU.

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