About Us

Unrushed fashion, Uncomplicated aesthetics.

We are a genetically-bound duo composed of a mother and a daughter with a love for fashion. But, a specific type of fashion, the smart kind, with brains and a little bit of an attitude.

Fashion that has no rush to keep up, but that takes an extra minute, or two, to be conceptualised and crafted. Because, timelessness takes time to be made.

Fashion that is of now and of tomorrow all at once.

Fashion that is simple, because simplicity is the ultimate survivor.

And, fashion that is friendly to the environment, because it just makes sense to do so.

Let our clothes be smarter and let us be smarter about our clothes.


Pjoki is an intimate webshop. A space where every piece, and every designer, has been handpicked by us. We go after brands that are independent, international and sustainable. We go after pieces that are fresh and modern, but above all, timeless.


Designers that take a minute, or two.

We work with designers who care too much to rush. Designers who care about the quality of the materials they use, where those materials come from and how their production process may affect the environment that surrounds them.

We don’t expect brands to be 100% sustainable, but rather 100% aware and willing to become more sustainable day by day.


That extra something, that personality thing.

We look for brands with that extra something, that personality thing. Brands that carry a story and have something to say. We look for clothes that are made by the hands and conceived by the soul.


You, of course.

We are all about you, our dear customer. We want you to be the best and smartest version of yourself, in clothes that are better and smarter.


Contact info:

Email us at hello@pjoki.se or give us a call on +46 (0) 705130421

Our showroom is located at Studio Skytte, Skyttevägen 18, 13336 Saltsjöbaden