Snow Moon in Leo - February 9th

Every month a Full Moon occurs and it's energy is affecting nature on Earth in many different ways. She's symbolic of the feminine and receives the light of the sun, shining it back to us with illumination. She is representing the end of the lunar cycle or the symbol of death and eventual rebirth into the next cycle. When it's Full Moon it's a perfect time to reflect over the past weeks and to letting go of negative energy and things that are not working our way and to make room for what we wish to see more of in the future.

Native Americans named all Full Moons after the charecteristic events that occured each month and this one is called Snow Moon because February was thought to be the snowiest month of the year according to the Farmer's Almanac. The Snow Moon was traditionally thought to bring a little chaotic energy or unpredictable moods and coupled with the impulsive and spontaneuos nature of Leo it may bring a Full Moon that we are not soon to forget. Because yes, this Snow Moon approaches in fiesty, fiery Leo, and is here to spark a creative fire within our soul.

The Full Moon in Leo is not only affecting those who are born in the sign of Leo but fixed signs including Leo, Taurus, Aries and Scorpio may feel this Full Moon more intensely than others as well as fellow fire sign Sagittarius. It asks us to express ourselves in a creative way, to speak up for ourselves and to embrace the outrage that this Full Moon in Leo brings by being as genuine and true to ourselves as possible even if it ruffles a few feathers. Leo is a fire sign driven by passion and helps us to follow our intuitions with passion. Questions to ask ourselves tonight is "what gives us butterflies" and "when does time stop for us"?

So tonight is a great time for us to reflect. Once you've clarified what has come to fruitation and what hasn't, you should write down and release what is getting in the way of the experiences that haven't arrived yet. After that has been done we can burn these "written barrier blocks" in a firesafe container and get outside for a moon bath. Because just as our bodies need Vitamin D from the sunlight the moon light is said to reduce inflammation and known to support our menstrual cycles.

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