Black Friday and all other days that encourage us to buy more than we need.

I over heard two women in their 40's on the train today, discussing Black Friday. One of the women reminded the other one about Black Friday, who responded that she felt very stressed out about it. - I feel like I have to go and buy things today but I really don't need anything.

So, we're living on a planet that is dying. The air is contaminated, the water is contaminated, we see neurologic diseases (and other diseases) increase every year and all this has to do with consumption. The prices we see today are not realistic. They are not sustainable and almost all productions are being rushed to keep up with today's consumption behavior. And how do companies rush their productions to meet the hungry demand for the latest low priced item? How do they speed up the process? Well they use more chemicals, ignore human rights and outcompete independent companies. Most companies place larger orders than they know they can sell, because larger quantities means cheaper products. But the large orders also increase a risk of unsold products which in the end of the season becomes a problem for the companies. It will cost them money to keep unsold stock, and to be able to continue production at this rate, they need to get rid of their stock before the value decreases.
This is called S A L E.

"I feel like I have to go and buy things today but I really don't need anything."

We need to stop buying things just because they're cheap. This consumption behaviour is creating a false demand on what is needed and it is destroying our planet.

Let our clothes be smarter and let us be smarter about our clothes. 

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