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Ethically mined Himalayan Clear Quartz

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There are measurable increases in alpha (1) brain waves after holding a quartz crystal for half an hour. Over a longer period of time, there is an increase in theta (2) and delta (3) brain waves.

- ESP initiated, healing enhanced; 7 – 14 cycles per second

- Deeper state ESP, powerful levels of suggestibility, healing greatly enhanced; 4 – 7 cycles per second.

- All ESP states awakened, total memory, total suggestibility, powerful healing; .5 - 4 cycles per second.

The Quartz crystal is the connection between the physical dimension and the dimensions of the mind. It can be used to communicate with minerals, plants, animals, and intelligent forces outside the physical dimension. In early times, when all things were thought to be parts of a greater living consciousness, the Quartz crystal was believed to synchronize the individual and total consciousness with that of the heavens and advanced life-forms.

Chakra: Crown

Star sign: All

Approx. size: 15

Note! Due to the nature of crystals, all tumble stones will vary slightly in shape, size, colour and pattern. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. The results are the sole responsibility of the wearer.