Ethically mined Black Tourmaline


Ethically mined Black Tourmaline

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Black Tourmaline is the first choice for protection from radiation and electromagnetic fields (EMFs), such as those given off by computers, mobile phones, TV's etc.

Pyroelectricity (from the Greek pyr, fire and electricity), is a property of Tourmaline. This means they are naturally electrically polarized, creating a large electrical field. 

As a protective stone against "spells" which are cast by the negative side of another, black tourmaline is a special stone to Native American Indians; black tourmaline in quartz not only dispels the "spell ", but energizes the "victim" and actually increases well-being. African shaman  have used Tourmaline to promote the awakening from the "dream of illusion" and to promote the experience of the self as part of the universal spirit. It acts to stimulate the reflex points associated with the lower back. It can be used in the treatment of arthritis, dyslexia, heart dis-ease, anxiety, and disorientation. It can also provide for both the stimulation and the balancing of the adrenal glands.

Approx. size: 15mm

Chakra: Root

Starsign: Capricorn

Due to the nature of crystals, all tumble stones will vary slightly in shape, size, colour and pattern.