Baguette studs from T.I.T.S in recycled Silver
Baguette studs from T.I.T.S in recycled Silver


Crystal Baguette Stud Silver

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Few people can resist the comfort and simplicity of a good stud - nor a baguette. Made from recycled silver in a small size, the Crystal Baguette stud has a square-shaped frame holding onto an emerald-cut Swarovski gemstone. Much like Baguette itself, the Crystal Baguette stud is simple yet delicious. Made from recycled silver, it has a clean-cut shape and is embellished with a shiny Swarovski crystal.

Note! Crystal Baguette Stud is sold as single piece, add two to get a pair.


925 Sterling certified recycled silver and 5mm wide

Made in

Thailand-based factory complying with EU’s REACH regulations and BSCI.

Jewellery care

Due to oxidisation, your silver jewellery can naturally darken - much like your mood when hangry. Buff it with silver polish to bring back the bling.