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Adieu Cliché

The Kids Are Alright Tee

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If you feel like laughing out loud instead of crying, having a short dancing break instead of working or having a sip of wine in the late afternoon or just need a walk all alone - do it, there’s nothing wrong about this. And let’s just face this too - Women with kids are more than "just mothers", they are still humans with needs like everybody else and a life beside motherhood - and that´s alright! "THE KIDS ARE ALRIGHT" ;)

Composition: 100% organic cotton, locally embroided

Fit: Relaxed fit (unisex) with round neck

Adieu Cliché's shirts are produced fairly and sustainably in a lab. Due to the weaving process, it may happen that tiny darker threads are woven into the white yarn. At first glance, this may look like a small stain - but don't worry :) If you notice this change at all, it can be removed with a little rubbing on the spot. The small threads will also make your new favorite shirt even more unique.