Resistance L010 - PJOKI
Resistance L010 - PJOKI
Resistance L010 - PJOKI

Little Ondine

Resistance L010

Regular price 120 kr

An icy grey with the perfect chrome metallic finish


Her bed at home was calling to her. As she sat in her office until the late hours of the night, her mind kept taunting her with the idea of calling it quits. But as her eyes wandered over to the corner office she felt she deserved, she resisted. She had to prove herself.


  • Benefits

    Natural Ingredients. Vegan. Water based. Toxin free. Easy peel off. Odour free. Quick drying. Brilliant Colours.

    Suggested Use

    Clean and dry nails. Apply two to three layers. Clean edges before they dry. Keep dry for the first hour.