Waxing Moon bath tea - PJOKI
Waxing Moon bath tea - PJOKI

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Waxing Moon bath tea

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Waxing Moon - Nourish, Strengthen, Rejuvenate

Designed to connect you with the lunar cycle, Moon Bath's Lunar bath teas amplify the potent energy available during each phase of the moon.
Brew the aligned Botanical bath tea in a French press and add to a warm bath.


The Waxing Moon is a time of gathering energy and strength, calling upon us to replenish our immunity, sensuality and vitality. Reminiscent of a warm mug of spiced cocoa, our Waxing Moon Bath Tea nourishes the body and soul, encourages stability, and promotes strengthening and regeneration.

According to Ayurveda, as the Waxing Moon is replenishing light in the night sky, our bodies are rebuilding with the nourishment of the water/earth element, known as kapha. Bringing together repairing, building and stabilizing botanicals, this blend encourages us to evolve towards fulfilling our potential, and enriches the soil in which the seeds of our intentions have been planted.

This packaging is made from (recycled) post-consumer waste and is recyclable.

Two baths / 8 oz

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