If you can make somebody laugh, then that is very important

Can't stop watching this Youtube clip of the wonderful couple, Joanne Woodward and Paul Newman.

In this time, when so many people are prioritizing material things that don't matter, couples like Joanne and Paul reminds us what is important in life. it's not to contantly chasing after the next thing, more power, status, money, better looks. It's to appreciating what you already have and to have someone to laugh with, share dreams with, experiense things with and to hug.

Remember that love conquers all and friends and family will still be there when all material things might not. We need to make sure to show appreciation to the ones that hold us tight and prioritize things that matters, feels right, and good memories will remain even when we're 87 years old, same age as beautiful Joanne Woodward is today. Unfortunately Paul Newman past away in 2008 but I am sure that Joanna Woodward have som many wonderful memories of her husband and their time together.

To get this love feeling, watch this You tube clip. It's so beautiful to see couples laughing together <3

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