The love for perfumes can be felt in every little detail. Welcome to Pjoki, Frau Tonis


Wall Street Journal recommends “Berlin in a bottle”, Vogue Germany raves "the Mecca for perfume aficionados".

Frau Tonis Parfum offers exclusively manufactured fragrances for men and women – among which the energetically fresh ”Berlin Summer“ and deliciously vernal ”Linde Berlin“, conjuring memories of Berlin’s cheerfully fragrant linen trees, or ”Pure Violet“, a scent once composed for Berlin’s own Marlene Dietrich in the 1920s. We create scents for olfactory individualists.

FRAU TONI, how did you become so passionate about unique fragrances?

I was inspired by my mother. When I first smelled her clear and distinct perfumes and fragrances I felt immediately happy. To me the smell stand for confidence combined with strength and elegance – a sign of extraordinary and very delicate femininity.


What makes a perfume so extraordinary, that you want to share it with others?

For me perfume isn’t just about being a nice smell. It should evoke wonderful pictures in your mind and spurn the imagination. It will make your skin tingle. When I smell an amazing tuberose I sense a natural elegance. I still remember how my mother put on this perfume before going out. It has a very feminine touch but is at the same time dynamic and modern. I really like the heart note in this fragrance.


Why the little, very select perfumery in Berlin Mitte?

I fulfilled my dreams together with my granddaughter. She has been living in Berlin for a couple of years and then came up with the idea of a store in the wonderfully lively district around the Alte Schönhauser Strasse. We thought about it for a while and then finally decided to do it!

Both of us felt as if the amount of perfumes on offer today was nothing more than excessive. Fashion, celebrities, all these labels… Most of the time it's just an excuse to bring out a new perfume, isn't it? I am convinced that the creation of fragrances is an art we should appreciate. Today’s fragrances are too heavily influenced by marketing. I don't think this is a good development as they most of the times fail to endure more than a season. The result: A constant ebb and flow of fragrances flooding the market!


What is your opinion on the situation of exclusive perfumes made by high quality manufacturers?

The quality of the raw materials has to be perfect. Additionally, the service and the presentation of the perfumes should focus on what is essential: the fragrance itself. This, of course, is impossible to acheive in a mainstream perfume store! That is my idea of beauty and to having a special shopping atmosphere.


What is your favourite fragrance?

I love the aroma of tuberose as well as the smooth and soothing smell of oranges. Close your eyes and you will feel a warmth that exude from this fragrance. It delights me every time!


Now to our final question: You also offer scents that once enthralled the legendary Marlene Dietrich?

Yes, that is correct. Dietrich’s favourite perfume was a scent as intense and eccentric as herself: pure violet. A scent that is dominated by the sweet, intense almost stubborn top note. This perfume may not capture the spirit of the time today, however, one can easily imagine how Berlin’s grande-dame of the roaring 20s once used this scent to cause quite a stir.

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